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Classic Off Road

It is on the motocross tracks and the enduro trails that shock absorbers have to seriously show what they can handle. Extremely rough treatment, jumps, rocks and mud are just some of the things they have to deal with. Over and over again.

We have been making shock absorbers in this segment for over 30 years and many championship titles have been won on our suspension throughout the years. This is where the demands are greatest and where the development is taking place fastest.

However, at Öhlins we make motocross and enduro shocks for the entire spectrum of riders, from world champions to talented amateurs.

Everyone wants to have a shock absorber that enhances their bike and spurs them on to greater performance. With the improved traction and stability that the Öhlins shock absorber offers, the ride becomes both safer and more secure. With an Öhlins shock absorber, lap-times are forced down somewhat, speed out of the bends corners is increased slightly and safety margins are raised.

To be in a position to manufacture shocks for riders who are part of the world elite, we test them with the aim of satisfying the needs and standards set by excellent and reasonable good riders. In this way we can start with a normal rider with high standards and develop shocks that are exactly suited to the riders expectations.

At Öhlins we set about things thoroughly. Every season we test all new motorcycles on carefully chosen tracks, motocross with motocross riders, enduro with enduro riders. All of the riders are experienced and have the “feel” needed to achieve the right results.

We start by testing the bikes with the original shocks. Then we test Öhlins shocks on every motorcycle model and make the adjustments best suited to each particular bike.

An Öhlins shock absorber improves the motorcycle’s performance. This applies to everything from comfort and traction to stability and bottoming resistance. Everyone who tries the standard shocks first and then Öhlins shocks, immediately feels the substantial difference.

But however good we are at designing customised shocks, we naturally still attend to individual preference; After all, all riders have their own style and their own requirements. Our shocks can consequently be adjusted externally so that a shock absorber can easily be created on the track that is perfect for current requirements.

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