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Duel Sport

A Dual Sport bike should function on both dirt roads and asphalt roads, for both off-road riding that’s a bit rougher, and comfortable cruising along roads. At Ohlins we have therefore developed shock absorbers that satisfy these apparently conflicting demands. In other words, two different needs but only one shock absorber.

Like all shocks from Öhlins, those developed for Dual Sport are based on advanced technology, special materials and careful testing. Dual Sport shocks are based technically on motorcross and enduro with all that is involved in terms of handling extreme pressures over a long period. 

However, they differ from them primarily in that they are tested and optimally adjusted so that they also have great comfort and safety when riding on asphalt. By improving the performance of these shocks, they are therefore able to handle forest trails, dirt roads and surfaced public highways.

The shocks for Dual Sport are tailor-made per model. For instance, besides functioning on “raw” surfaces with respect to bottoming resistance, they also provide excellent comfort, stability and balance, both off-road and on surfaced roads.

Due to the fact that Dual Sport has to deal with such widely varying areas of use, we have naturally fitted the shocks for these motorcycles with a very broad range of adjustments.

You are consequently able to do some off-road outlaw riding in the morning, and saddle up your bags and hit the highway in the afternoon, using the same shocks with their excellent qualities and durability the whole time.

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