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A shock absorber for a cruiser has to fit the motorcycle in purely aesthetic terms, while simultaneously providing the performance that is demanded of an Ohlins shock.

When we build cruiser shocks at Öhlins, we have to make use of all our professional skills. These shocks often place complicated technical demands, for example on lowered motorcycles where the space for shocks is considerably limited. However, by borrowing knowledge and technology from performance motorcycles, we are succeeding in resolving these difficulties. At the same time we have concentrated on producing shocks with a high level of comfort and riding pleasure.

Our cruiser shocks are always tested by professional riders who know the “feel” our customers want to have. We proceed on the basis of which category of riders is going to use the shocks and how the shocks are going to be used. A great deal of effort is put into ensuring that they will also provide a high level of performance with passengers and luggage.

As we know that many cruiser owners are particular about creating a special “look” with their bike, we want to make it easy for them with our shocks. Our cruiser shocks consequently have a partially customized design and a very high-standard finish, even in terms of details. The cruiser shocks are also available in a variety of lengths to enable you to get a genuine Öhlins shock for your particular cruiser.

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