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When we fit a Supermotard with shocks we take the best from motorcross and enduro – in other words, those branches of motorcycling that require the best shock absorbers. So you can be sure that you are getting a shock that can handle the demands that you place on both your motorcycle and your shocks.

Our shocks are primarily suited to outright competition machines. They are tested by professional riders and developed by engineers who are very enthusiastic about combining cutting-edge technology in terms of design and materials, with the highest possible performance. We consequently know, through experience, that they also fulfil the demands you might have as an owner of a Supermotard.

At our Service Centre you will find in-depth knowledge about all motorcycle models and which shocks work best with them. This knowledge is combined with your particular wishes so that the shocks are modified to achieve maximum performance with regard to traction and stability for both safer and more secure riding.

All of our shocks are made from materials that tolerate rough conditions. They therefore have a longer performance lifetime than any other shock absorber. But is goes without saying that our shocks for Supermotard are built so that they can be renovated and upgraded.

So, with a properly serviced Öhlins, you have a shock absorber that always delivers the performance of a new shock, which you will probably move over to your new motorcycle. And the next…

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